RoadAI for road asset management and maintenance

Mobile computer vision powered data production service for road and railroad infrastructure management and maintenance.

RoadAI - Record, View, Share & Benefit

RoadAI is a data production tool that utilizes smartphone produced video and various other sensors. The smartphone application is used to collect raw data from a vehicle or hand held. The raw data is refined with elaborate image recognition algorithms and signal processing methods. RoadAI is the ideal tool for intelligent infrastructure management providing up-to-date visual data for documenting, automated inventories of street furniture and road condition analysis. RoadAI requires no additional hardware or equipment other than a smartphone.

RoadAI and the smartphone application is a cost-effective solution for gathering visual documentation of the environment to be used for various purposes. The visual data is important for asset inspections, quality control and assurance. All the material is easily accessible on a GIS map-based user interface. The interface encompasses diverse options for filtering and managing the material including smart location search, history browsing and metadata filtering.

At the core of RoadAI runs a state-of-art computer vision system, enabling the automatic recognition of traffic infrastructure from collected video. In addition to computer vision video processing, sensor data from the smartphone is analysed to measure the overall condition of the road. The three main benefits of the automated inventory are cost-efficiency, quality precision and that it can be integrated with existing processes. The process integration allows annual road surveys to be replaced with continuous data flow significantly reducing asset management expenditure.

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Core features currently in RoadAI:


  • Up-to-date street video recording capability
  • Location video documenting and reporting
  • Tagging of videos for easier filtering and management
  • Video inventorying with wireless buttons to annotate points of interest (ex. defects on the road surface) while driving.

Additional features

  • 360 degree street level photos

Map-based web interface

  • Reliable and easily accessible cloud storage
  • Visualize all material